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Volcano Baseball Game/ Campout
17 AUG 02
Scouts on Parade
The Amazing Frizbee Dogs during the Parade
Tents in the Outfield!  A perfect Camping spot
Rob and Josh
Angela and Dillon F.  
Josh and John S.
Hundreds of Happy Campers!
"Who Turned off the Heat?"
John C. Dillon and Sharron C.

3AUG 02
JOHN C. Getting busy with a Brush...
Look at that shine...
Rinse it good!

Adventure Weekend
(summer camp for the Wolf Den)
Scouters Mountain
June 2002

John on his Bunk - Setting up Camp
Josh on the BB Gun Range - Turned out to be quite the Sharpshooter
Josh and Chris rolling out their sleeping Bags
John on the BB Gun range- "Where did the target go?"
Scott blowing up his mattrass-  Thought he was going to pass out...
Joshua on the Archery Range.."That's what we call pullin' it back and letting it go..."  Chris and Seadjon in Back.
The den makes Family Crests..
Suits of "Hefty" Armor
The Wolf Den impresses the Crowd with their Now Famous "Light post" Skit.
The Den at their Front door
Making Eclairs over a Camp fire...
a favorite among the leaders.
Making "Game boys"

Cubmaster Jerry learns how to juggle
John and Josh race their rockets
A salute to end the day
Dillon crosses the Rope bridge.

Blue and Gold Dinner 2002
The Story of the Cub Scout Colors